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Generation Netto Null, CLB Schweiz


The wood industry can contribute to the decarbonization of society. For this, it is necessary to identify promising areas of application and quantify their potential for decarbonization. In order to reduce the environmental footprint on a system level, an understanding of the ecological impact through increased use of wood in the context of a bio-based circular economy and along the entire life cycle is necessary.  

CLB Schweiz is leading the project «Generation Net Zero - Swiss Wood for the Generations Challenge», partly funded by the Action Plan Wood - Federal Office for the Environment, which shows a radical wood-based, CO2-neutral circular economy Switzerland for 2050 and thus a way to achieve the Swiss climate goals. 

Join us and help to make Switzerland fit for future generations! We are looking forward to welcoming you at one of our workshops.


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Netto Null, CLB Schweiz
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