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How we work

We work according to Scrum. You are the product owner and are involved in all activities of the process - because nobody knows your company/institution and the project mission better than you.

The results of the jointly defined subtasks are implemented continuously. This means that you neither wait long for a result, nor do you have the risk of overshooting the target - on the contrary: if you have enough information, the job can simply be completed.

Agiles Projektmanagement CLB Schweiz

Agile Projectmanagement

Our methodology is called "CLB's APM" and is based on four cornerstones


  • We do one job at a time

  • We work according to the "check and adjust" cycle

  • We focus on what gives the most value to the product or task

  • We do not start anything new until a task is done


  • We work as a self-organized team

  • We are a cross functional team

  • We have a Scrum Master

  • We support each other in complex challenges

Beratung und Planung CLB Schweiz


  • We are oriented to the wishes of our customers

  • We react quickly to changing requirements

  • We welcome a dynamic environment

  • We deliver valuable results or products early


  • We work on topics that interest us and advance us personally 

  • We are always educating ourselves 

  • We learn from each other and listen to each other 

  • We meet criticism with open ears

  • We recognize the individuality of our colleagues 

We rely on AI with human understanding

As an innovative company, we see it as our duty to keep up with the latest technologies and developments. That's why we regularly scan the industry for innovations and test them directly in our company. We work with various AI-supported software solutions such as e.g. Neuroflash, Kahoot or stockimg. Do you have questions about AI applications? We will be happy to advise you!

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