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 For a sustainable, circular bioeconomy 
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Ueber uns

The well-being of people and the environment is our focus.

CLB Schweiz strives for more social and environmental sustainability. We want to systematically and voluntarily reduce our negative social and environmental side effects to zero (net zero 2050) and help our clients to achieve this. Committed to the common good, we create solutions with social benefits together with our clients.

Ökologisches Haus


Our pacemaker
CLB Schweiz and its employees are constantly surrounded by ideas and innovations thanks to their activities for the Swiss Wood Innovation Network, the SIA, the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG etc., which brings strategic vision and direct access to knowledge.

CLB Schweiz takes advantage of this and, in cooperation with these and other players, initiates experimental projects, which apply the findings from wood research to the development of new materials, products and processes.

Facts & Figures


Our engineering office has been operating successfully for over 15 years.


We speak seven languages and are at home in every national language. 


We have developed over 300 products for our customers and society.





More than 3/4 of our team are graduated engineers, most of them females.

As a philanthropic company we invest more than 20% of our turnover in R&D for the public welfare.


We work strategically with four dozen specialists.


Our Services

«Committed to the common good, CLB Schweiz contributes through broadly coordinated and scientific 
solutions to advance the decarbonization of society in the DACHI+ region.»


CLB Schweiz manages the FSC Switzerland office and is responsible for the S-WIN Innovation Management (Swiss Wood Innovation Network). It also manages the Swiss branch of Davies Meyer.


Selected Projects

Olin Bartlome CLB Schweiz
"In a world of endless possibilities, it's the individual relationship with our customers that gives us a lasting competitive advantage."

Olin Bartlome, MD



You want more information?

Want to discuss a project or idea, or just talk to one of us? Just call or fill out the
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Thank you!

Head Office

CLB Schweiz

Oberdorf 18

CH-7435 Splügen

Tel. +41 76 5 100 300

Branch Office

CLB Schweiz

Letzigraben 23

CH-8003 Zürich

Tel. +41 76 545 75 98 


Do you want to move between wood innovations, forest and wood certification, research and marketing in a versatile working day?


Do you want to put your passion for sustainability into practice through exciting and varied projects in an interdisciplinary and dynamic team?


Do you want to work in an excellent team and use creativity to make the world a better place and develop yourself further?


Let us know and send your application documents to:

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