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Holzfluss Monitoring Graubünden CLB Schweiz


In order to strengthen the regional forest and wood value chain, a solid data basis is necessary, which shows fields of action to support the industry.

CLB Schweiz is actively shaping the decarbonization of society in the area of forest and wood and thus we are developing wood flow studies that collect and evaluate the regional wood flows according to origin, processing and destination (canton, Switzerland or abroad).

This allows us to identify export surpluses of unprocessed wood, corresponding imports and dependence on global markets in terms of prices and availability, etc., and to address them with adequate measures.

Our wood flow studies complement the data collected at the federal level, especially with insights into the processing stages. In this way, we support Graubünden Holz in the annual wood flow monitoring and can show the effect of political measures. In order to increase the added value within the canton of Graubünden, a scientific basis could be created to demand an adapted orientation of the timber industry.

Our goal is to generate the value chain of wood for the whole of Switzerland and thus for all cantons/regions.

Have we aroused your interest? We would be pleased to create a solid factual basis for your region/canton as well!

Holzflussstudie CLB Schweiz
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