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S-WIN, Swiss Wood Innovation Network, CLB Schweiz


The Swiss Wood Innovation Network is the network for innovative wood technologies for the decarbonization of society.

S-WIN connects researchers and innovative entrepreneurs from forestry through all processing stages including the chemical and energetic use of wood.

S-WIN initiates research and collaboration projects, accompanies SMEs and forest enterprises in the development of products and processes, and plays a key role in shaping the research strategy.

S-WIN is the most important contact for companies, research institutions, associations, federal offices and organizations in the field of innovation and research. Interdisciplinary exchange is promoted through events and personal contacts, and the transfer of knowledge and technology between business, research and teaching is encouraged.

At the European level, S-WIN represents Switzerland in the ​«Forest-based sector Technology Platform FTP», aligns programs with the needs of the sector, provides information and paves the way for participation in European projects and programs.

We are responsible for the innovation management of S-WIN and we look forward to working with you to reduce Swiss carbon emissions with innovative ideas!

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S-WIN, Swiss Wood Innovation Network, CLB Schweiz
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