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Timcylium Holz und Mycelium, CLB Schweiz


Sedax AG is an engineering company active in classical mechanical engineering with around 401 employees.

The customer portfolio of Sedax AG includes customers from the following industries:

  • Plant and apparatus engineering

  • Natural gas and raw material extraction

  • Power engineering

  • Medical technology

  • Aerospace

  • Sensor and measurement technology

  • Robotics

  • Intralogistics

CLB Schweiz was commissioned with an economic and sustainability analysis of Sedax AG. Possible measures to improve sustainability and its economic opportunities were elaborated and proposed to the management. 


Are you also interested in a sustainability analysis of your company? Then CLB Schweiz is the right partner for you. 


CLB Switzerland has won the Innovation Booster "5th Circular Campaign Application" and now has the opportunity to further develop a project close to its heart.

The project relates to the development of a new, lightweight and environmentally friendly product consisting of a core material and two cover layers.

The core is made of mycelium and is suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation applications. The face sheets are made of local wood treated with natural wood preservatives. The bond between the face sheets is separable and allows recycling of all materials used.

The project aims for circular economy manufacturing, using waste and by-products from the wood processing industry. The bonding system between the layers is designed to ensure the necessary stability and use as few finite resources as possible.

The project is currently in the development phase, but if you want to talk to us or have ideas, feel free to contact us!

After all, great innovations come from cooperation ;)

Timcylium Holz und Mycelium, CLB Schweiz
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