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XE417 Wohnkabinen, CLB Schweiz


Accommodation cabins for expedition vehicles are usually made of steel/aluminum or GRP. On the other hand, one of the most successful aircraft in WW2 was made of wood composites (DH.98 Mosquito).


Our feasibility study based on an innovative prototype shows that with the constructive use of wood composites more sustainable, lighter and structurally better cabins are possible.

The project received intensive and professional media coverage during its development and completion.


It has almost 8,000 real followers on Instagram, it was exhibited at trade fairs (Holz und Swissbau in Basel, Adventure Southside in Konstanz, 75th anniversary of Mercedes Benz in Gaggenau) and several articles were published (Bauart, Tec21, Schreinerzeitung, Lignarius, Heft'l etc.).

The AHB, ETH, ZHAW and ibw were involved in the project as universities, and from the industry side there were Balteschwiler, Bosshard Arbezol, Winkler Holzbiegewerk, H+Z Rohrbach and Imprägnierwerk Willisau. It was realized with the support of the Wood Action Plan, Federal Office for the Environment. The pop-up roof was developed as part of an Innosuisse innovation check.

Have we sparked your interest? We would be happy to develop and/or advance a product with you - of course also «only» in connection with a targeted announcement!

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XE417 Wohnkabinen, CLB Schweiz
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